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the cdc shows that just three states, california, hawaii, and mississippi are the only places where the flu is not widespread. every other state from alaska to florida is reporting the flu across more than half of their given state. dr. sanjay gupta has tips on recognizing that bug and how to get through it. >> randi, it's the worst flu season in years. we've been talking about it all week. emergency rooms in many places overflows. it's a fascinating story. here's what you need to know. >> the flu strikes fast and symptoms much more severe than a common cold. you feel fine one day and then the next a sudden fever, sore throat, headache, and tightness in the chest. >> over 200,000 people every year are hospitalized with influenza. and anywhere from 3,000 to 50,000 people will die each year. >> reporter: flu cases are at epidemic proportions now in some areas of the country. it's the most we've seen this time of year in a decade. >> they may get more complications from this particular h3n2 strain which may make them ill for a longer period of time. >> it typically surfaces earlier in
other news now including winter storm warnings in effect today for mississippi to washington, d.c. meteorologist jennifer delgado with a look at that. >> hi. we've been talking about the heavy rain across parts of the south and now we're talking about snow. it's coming down now for areas including mississippi. you can see on the radar now it's coming down this morning. we'll continue to see those winter weather advisories in place for mississippi through the morning hours. then that storm system will shift over to the west and effect areas like alabama, especially later this afternoon and into the northern parts of georgia. right now for atlanta, you can see, for birmingham, we are just looking at heavy rainfall. again, we'll see that rain shifting over to snow. once we get more of that cold air working in, for washington, d.c. right now you are looking at rain, but you will see that snow working in as we get to the afternoon hours. here is a look at the winter weather advisories and warnings out there. anywhere in pink and purple. in addition to this this will lead to driving p
. california, hawaii, and mississippi are the only ones that haven't yet reported widespread activity but they probably will. five states went down in terms of the level of activity but four states also went up. it's a bit of a wash, wolf. we know the flu season started earlier. it's likely to end a little bit earlier as a result but we just have to collect some more data over the next couple of weeks, wolf. >> and that's what we'll do. we keep hearing that everyone still needs to get a flu shot, that it's not too late. but we're also hearing potentially about shortages. here's the question. is there enough vaccine to go around? >> yes, i believe so. but there's a micro way of looking at this and a macro. you have a certain amount of vaccine that is made and then you've got to sort of predict where it's going to be needed and how to distribute it around the country. a lot of this is based on utilization, flu vaccines in years passed past. 128 million doses distributed and 112 million vaccinated. those are actually pretty good numbers in terms of those that have been vaccinated. if you
, north carolina, central alabama and central portions of mississippi. a little sliver of northern portion of georgia. you can see the movement the storm is taking. right now it's in mississippi. later tonight up through the mid-atlantic. let me show you what it looks like currently. one of those storms that's a mess. very warm out there right now. it's raining. you're probably thinking how will it snow. temperature in 50 degrees in the carolinas. as the day goes on it will get colder and after dark tonight we'll see this rain turning over to a period of pretty moderate to heavy snow. there's where the snow is currently in mississippi. an inch on the ground in jackson, mississippi an an inch of snow in mississippi is like a foot of snow up in the great lakes or northeast. this will shut things down. it's spreading to the north and spread towards tupelo and columbus and northern portions near huntsville. as far as the temperatures go, this is why it's a tricky forecast. 52 in charlotte, 50 in raleigh. you'll be shoveling notice tomorrow morning at this time. how much snow are we talking abo
the mountains of north carolina all the way back down to alabama, mississippi. ten different states now with winter storm warnings that are issued and this is the south. it only takes about an inch or two for a mess out there. they don't have the plows like they do in the north. this is the snowfall forecast totals by the time we're done tomorrow. two to four inches from raleigh to richmond. birmingham, alabama an inch or two. washington, d.c. maybe just about a slushy inch or less. most of it should be to the south you down towards fredericksburg. much of virginia will be nasty. mississippi, live right now. you can imagine schools are probably already getting cancelled down there in areas of mississippi. as far as the forecast will go, again the worst of it will be this morning in mississippi, alabama up into north carolina and the mountains later today. tonight virginia and north carolina, no problems at all in new england. this storm is a miss four. if you're in the south and the southeast it's like 50 degrees right now in raleigh. tomorrow morning at this time you'll be shoveling. >
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to mississippi and down to louisiana producing flooding out here with as much as five inches or more of rain being recorded in some areas. very heavy with some of these storms. taking a closer look, right now, down through mississippi and parts of western tennessee and up to kentucky and ohio, will be moving into the northeast. as far as flood warnings, portions in louisiana. red is flash flood warnings and we do have flooding going on. if you doing traveling in parts of the northeastern louisiana and mississippi, please be careful and do not drive through flooded roadways. we do have flooded roadways across western parts of kentucky and northern parts of ohio. how much more additional rainfall are we talking about? look at the shades in yellow and orange, still four inches expected because what this front is going to be spreading light rain in portions and in through tomorrow morning. keep that in mind for monday morning commute. it will stay stalled in places like mississippi, tennessee, virginia and north carolina. so you'll be dealing with it next several days coming up this workweek. we
as mississippi. farther north, including upstate new york, the storm dumped several inches of snow overnight and in some states it is still coming down. meteorologist janice dean is live. where is it going? >> it is going up to the northeast and we'll see a new storm system but extreme weather center living up to its name. nashville, 35, almost 50 degree difference in savannah. 52 in montgomery. 35 in jackson, mississippi. we'll talk about you in just a second. stationary front that has the warm air behind it. cold air and then we've got the mixing. just around the new york city area, driving could be tricky heading home. be extra careful north of new york, few inches of snow on the ground. we'll continue to monitor that. trace, let's talk about what is going to happen tomorrow. >> you know, jd, i'm concerned but i want to ask you two questions, what is going to happen tomorrow but i hear cold and hot coming up, you think volatile weather. any chance of that? >> we're not going to see severe weather, but because we have cold air at the surface it freezes on the contact. we could see potentia
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associated with the storm system across texas and louisiana and mississippi valley. eventually some of the rain will head to the great lakes and the northeast by the end of this workweek. that is something to look forward to. it is because it is so mild out there. 41 in new york city. 50s in memphis. because it is so mild that's why you are not lacking at any storm system. rain is coming down over southeast louisiana and new oren leans. take a lookal dallas and austin. shadeings of yellow, orange even red those are very heavy rainfall rates. you are looking at dangerous conditions on the road throughout the morning hours. 4 inches of rain flash flood ago concern across the state of louisiana, arkansas and eastern texas ov the next couple days. >>> now to stories you can bank on this morning. you can't wait for the tax refund? you have to wait longer than usual thanks to congress. lauren simonetti joins us to explain all of this. how much longer? >> a little bit. the irs will begin processing individual tax returns at the end of the month 8 days later than usual. the agency had to wa
thunderstorms and damaging winds eastward through the mississippi valley. so far one that is blamed on this storm, which happened in mississippi. >> new details this morning until the brazil nightclub fire investigation. police said that the group planned at the time lit a flare designed for outdoor use and said the club selling on fire. police believe that the people who ignited the flare on sunday new that it was from outdoor use only. the night club hadsprinklers and no emergency exit protess. officias think that the ban which is known for its techniques, all almost tried to save money. that in your flare's calls over 30 bugs broader walter flares on the cost a few dollars. >> here is a live look from san jose. the temps look like it would be nice they also for the south bay. >> we have been trying to get the speaking of jim harbaugh but we are having problems. we're trying to get this to go through and then we will bring get live. as we go to break let's listen into what he has to say. >> they wanted me to do it and that was back in 1995 or '96 when i was once saved by the bell.
to the northeast. many areas are under an ice storm warning, and tennessee and mississippi, ice-covered roads have caused several accidents. residents have been advised to avoid unnecessary travel. >>> apparently a soon-to-be televised con investigation from lance armstrong isn't enough. in an interview with oprah winfrey, the disgraced cyclist admitted using performance-enhancing drugs but the justice department has turned down an offer of a $5 million restitution payment in zpanch for fraud. and a world lifetime ban. we have more on his admission. >> reporter: oprah winfrey gave "cbs this morning" some details about her much anticipated exclusive interview with lance armstrong. >> and the answers that people around the world have been waiting to hear were answered and certainly answered -- i can onto say i was satisfied by the answer. >> reporter: arm strong was stripped of his seven tour de france titles after the anti-world doping agency found evidence that he took performance-enhancing drugs. >> we heard the evidence. we heard the stories from the athletes a
to washington, d.c., which could get up to 6 inches. up to 2 inches is forecasted for alabama and mississippi. there's been widespread flooding in west virginia and tennessee and some dangerous icy road conditions. >>> the 787 dreamliner is turning into a nightmare for boeing. the high-tech jet has been grounded in this country by the faa. airlines in japan and india and the european aviation safety agency have also forced the new jet to stop flying. there have been a number of safety-related issues with the 787, but the risk of battery fires appears to be the most troublesome. boeing says the 787 is safe. randall pinkston has the report. >> reporter: the federal aviation administration ordered all 787 dreamliners grounded in the u.s. while the agency investigates problems with the plane's lithion batteries. the move follows an emergency landing in western japan thursday, which forced them to ground two of their airliner fleets. passengers got off using inflatable slides. one passenger got injured. the crew detected a burning smell 45 minutes into the flight, and the
to the mississippi. 33 million tons of cargo come through here a year. do you think the port is a kind of leading indicator? >> we are-- we see a lot of things before i think it really hits the economy because when people are making decisions, they're making them months in advance to get them on board a ship. >> reporter: so what's happening now? >> right now, we're seeing things pick up. we're seeing more steel coming in. >> reporter: steel imports are up double digits. container traffic in the port of new orleans hit an all-time high in 2012, and cruise ship traffic also set a record. >> we're also seeing a large amount of exports, as well, so we feel very comfortable with the way things are going. >> reporter: the fed said today the pause in economic growth was due largely to weather-related disruptions from super storm sandy and other temporary factors. as one economist put it, it's the best contraction in the u.s. economy you're ever going to see. scott? >> pelley: anthony, you mentioned that federal spending, government spending, had dropped. how much does that have to do with this contract
shortchanged. we have stood with the citizens of florida and alabama, mississippi and louisiana, iowa and vermont, california and missouri in their times of need, now i trust they will stand with us. >> christie also said washington could learn a thing or two from new jersey about the art of compromise. >> we've had our fights. we've stuck to our principles. but we have established a governing model for america, that shows that even with heart-felt beliefs, bipartisan compromise is possible, achievement is the result, and progress for our people is the payoff. maybe the folks in washington in both parties could learn something from our record here in new jersey. >> governor christie will join us live on set straight ahead on "morning joe." >>> also we now have a likely date for secretary of state hillary clinton's testimony on the deadly attack on the american consulate in bengahzi. that, according to ranking republican in the senate foreign relations committee who tells andrea mitchell it will likely happen the day after president obama's inauguration. >> my sense is, andrea, that he
of mississippi, you don't see this often, got up to four inches of snow, twice as much as their normal total for the entire season. and the mountains of west virginia, 15 inches. slick roads brought traffic to a standstill in alabama and triggered accidents in several states. >> my goodness. >>> let's look at more weather across the nation. dense fog in the pacific northwest. light snow from fargo to marquette, michigan. western new york and the cape cod area. showers for much of florida. 10 to 20 degrees warmer than normal from chicago to los angeles. >> mostly 30s in the northeast. and 50s from atlanta to new orleans. >>> when we come back, a sneak peek at the first new look for american airlines planes in 45 years. >>> and then, a dollar here. a dollar there. the new atms that kick out ones, fives, what you need. >>> and the plot thickens. what we're learning about the notre dame football star and that online love hoax. >>> welcome back, everyone. a couple of big economic reports are both going in the right direction. home construction is way up, with new building jumping more than 12% in
and the mississippi river. to oil barges slammed into a raroad bridge near vicksburg, mississippi, ad 80,000-gallon tank on one of the barges has been leaking. it is still unclear how much oil has entered the river or what caused the crash. refining and 70,000 barrels of crude per day, not small. the move completes the exit from the refining industry. futures of our bought gasoline, the closure is expected to aggregate already hiked gas supplies. temperatures finallyrising across the country. milder weather forecasts have hammered natural gas futures today. they posted their biggest decline in thre months, falling for their fifth straight session. all right. coming up, brace yourself at the checkout counter. you could now be on the hook for jacked up credit-card fees. will this change the way you shop? because at the end of the day, it is all about "money." ♪ officemax knows... time can be...well...taxing. so right now we'll give you... ...$10 off any turbo tax deluxe level software or higher! find thousands of big deals now... officemax. mortgage. married. two great kids. he wants t
going through new england. it hit mississippi yesterday. a lot of schools are cancelled. airports are doing okay. old ripple effect across the country. so farther not doing too bad and the next couple of hours that snow will be gone. in the west barely a cloud in sight. just very cold. huge area of high pressure. it's like a big dome. doesn't allow any weather systems to come near you. at night with calm winds it gets very chilly. some clouds spilling into wyoming and montana. high pressure of idaho will keep all the stormy weather away for a long time. maybe for the foreseeable future. as far as temperatures go a little bit of wind chill in a few spots but for the most part just very chilly, temperatures like the last couple of days struggling this morning but with sunshine this afternoon it will feel a lot and the coast with fog end up in the 30s. just taking a look at the extended forecast for seattle. five days from now still looking sunny and nice. 40. >> some of that stuff in the east coming from the west which they were experiencing earlier in the week. straight ahead a la
and also snowfall. actually around portions of mississippi, alabama. seeing several cent meet earls accumulate up here, towards the appalachia mountains. thises w, here in to europe, we are also talking about a little break in the weather across portions of -- possibly going in to friday. the next storm system is coming in and this is going to bring snowfall. and some of the portions and central uk, upwards of 25 centimeters. london, about 5 to 10 centimeters. due to moist air frorororo
the americas, we have a severe weather system pushing through the mississippi river valley, rushing off toward the east. already has been widespread damage. sadly, one person reportedly reportedly killed in tennessee due to a tree falling down. and this severe weather is going to persist, already, tornadoes being reported. tornado threat slowly decreasing. but still will be lingering there across much of the southeast. winds kicking up and stronger storms to 112 kilometers per hour. all due to that cold front, the surge of ware arm from the south, carrying moisture with arm from the south, carrying moisture with i ae arm from the south, carrying moisture with iie arm from the south, carrying moisture with ire arm from the south, carrying moisture with i arm from the south, carrying moisture with iarm from the south, carrying moisture with irm from the south, carrying moisture with im from the south, carrying moisture with i from the south, carrying moisture with it. and now behind it, though, a big game changer setting up here. cold air spilling out of the arctic. that will be setting up
of mississippi several centimeters of accumulation. now farther north into the appalachians you're seeing upwards of 20 to 40 centimeters expected into the next 24 hours as that system just continues to push overhead. now the good news is that it's going to start to rush off there towards the east going through your friday and clearing completely out by saturday, but unfortunately cold air is going to start to seen in behind that bringing down your temperatures to atlanta. you'll be seeing below freezing temperatures. meanwhile, out to the northwest, more snow into b.c. but also some stagnant air near vancouver down there towards seattle. this is going to be creating dangerous conditions for anybody with respiratory issues as temperatures remain in the single digits. here to europe, the british isles, you're seeing clear skies for now, but into friday, specifically friday morning, some snow showers are going to kick up because of this system coming in from the west. that's bringing all sorts of moist air, but also we have this cold air that's been lingering out there toward the northeast. once th
. the cdc reports widespread flu activity in nearly every state except california, mississippi and hawaii. why mississippi would be there in the middle of things and not have a wid spread. probably has more to do with reporting than reality. it was widespread in just 41 states in the previous week. in eastern oklahoma one school district canceled classes because nearly one quarter of the 650 students report they came down with the flu bug. and we reported about shortages of flu vaccine in some areas in the united states including the city of summerville massachusetts but the cdc director says calm down with that. the overall picture is good and folks have plenty of opportunities to get the shot. >> if you haven't been vaccinated and want to be, better late than never but call the preprovider ahead of time. most of of the more than 130 million doses produced by vaccine manufacturers this year have already been given. >> shepard: and it is still too early to tell how bad flu season may yet turn out. it already killed at least 20 kids across the country as i mentioned. jonathan, what are you
california, mississippi and hawaii have in common? centers for disease control ask z have a map showing red, yellow and green. we'll explain coming up live. >> coming up at 5:00 stopping statements uttered in court by a one time death row inmate now accused of killing his mom. >> and a fight the governors budget officials explain why they cannot guarantee college >>> cvc -- cdc is out with statistics on nationwide outbreak of flu. >> california is not hit hard yet bit flu but we're live in a kaiser hospital with a look at signs it's on the way. >> yes. yorkts say it women probable will be i hard to avoichld here they're running low, and it's late in the season to be getting that sholt. still, people are just now coming in for their vaccine. >> one, two. three. >> tom has never had a flu shot before but today, he got his first. after witnessing his 23-year-old son swufrt virus. >> my son just got really sick. said dad, i'm deathly ill. he said for three days. i said it's time to get vaccinated. >> at kaiser, the pediatric drop in flu shot clinic reopened today. demand went up. dr. randy berg
from mississippi to georgia could see a wintry mix over the next 24 hours. officials already warning drivers to take it easy on the roads after freezing rain and sleet formed ice on roadways and places like memphis, tennessee. several inches of snow also piling up in some parts of the northeast today. but folks there might be used to that sort of weather in january. it is a different story down in dixie. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth with the first alert forecast for them and all of us in our extreme weather center. rick, hello. >> very cold down across parts of the the south. so much of the eastern part of the country has been so warm for the last few days. this is the last little pocket of that warmth from around atlanta down through florida. temps still looking good. back behind this very very cold air. that's where we have been seeing these storms stalled frontal boundary and impulses move along it freezing rain yesterday. that freezing rain down across the south brought snow today in across parts of the northeast. and we're still going to deal with the tail end of this acro
ite sale. said to be linked to one death already to the state of mississippi. highway patrol says a man died when his car hit a downed tree on highway 50. some parts of that state seeing up to four inches of snow today. alabama, hit georgia as well. of course folks in the south do not see that kind of weather very offensive. the storm follows days of heavy rain across much the area. as the system moves north towards washington, d.c. officials warn that wintry mix could trigger flooding up to a foot of snow in some areas. nic gregory fox five in new york tonight. hey, nick. >> hello bill, that storm is on track to do just that produce some heavy snow. it's doing it as you move through parts of carolina western carolina into southern western sections of virginia. some very heavy snows breaking out across that area now. the storm itself kind of swirling from north georgia and eventually kicking moving off to the south and east. no snow really for the atlanta area. the north georgia mountains will pick up some much the rain in some areas will change to snow as we talk about the northe
.94 a barrel. >>> more than a thousand commercial barges are backed up on the mississippi river. oil is still leaking from two barges that slammed into a bridge near vicksburg, mississippi on sunday. no oil is spotted outside the containment area according to cleanup crews, thank goodness. the coast guard says a timeline for fully reopening the waterway though is still unclear. >>> iran's oil exports hit a high not seen since the sanctions began in july. exports climbed to 1.4 million barrels a day. that is according to analysis by reuters. strong demand by chin and an expansion of iran's oil tanker fleet helped fuel the increase. >>> coming up on money, a hospital video spoof lays waste to obamacare. will doctors really have financial incentives to turn patients away in the door as you're seeing in that video there? we're going to explain. >>> hundreds of state ployees are working more than one job on the taxpayer's dime. now the governor says he has had enough. details putting a stop to the double-dipping in california. do you ever have too much money? ♪ officemax knows... time can
in the state to enforce new gun laws. in mississippi, the governor had a similar idea, urging the legislature to prohibit the enforcement of any federal laws obama could get passed. >> i support the current laws. i don't think we need to change anything at all. >> reporter: the ferocity of the opposition does not surprise the white house. it's been nearly two decades since any new gun laws have been passed. >> we suffered too much pain and we care too much about our children to allow this to continue. >> reporter: ban on assault weapons and require background checks on all gun sales are things the nra is adamantly opposed to and vows to fight. >> there's people that care deeply about their second amendment rights and are not going to vote for politicians who sell them out. >> reporter: in recent polls, a significant majority of the public supports each of the major elements of the president's plan. that's why the white house plans to launch an all-out public campaign to support it, tapping into that grassroots network that helped the president win re-election. george? >> they're going to need
mississippi valley. some of these storms, of course, are going to be moving very quickly, but with the storms coming in the overnight hours, that's where we're going to see the great evident threat for the potential for really dangerous condition setting up across the south. of course, we're going to continue to follow that. you need to have a noaa radio and we'll continue to track the storms for you. >> particularly if it's going to come overnight. they you very much. >>> listen to this one. casey anthony pair a legal. sounds like a tv show. she's become so experienced that casey anthony is indeed considering, yes, i know, a career in the courtroom. still a long way off though. the 26-year-old anthony remains in hiding. her attorney says you don't go from being the most hated woman in the world to living a normal life. i know. i'm speechless. >>> okay. could tiger woods rule golf again in 2013. >> people debate that after he won the farmers insurance opening in dominating fashion. it was his 75th win, seven behind the record held by sam snead, and it was his eighth win at torrey pines includ
the colonial penn program. >>> it is more than 8,000 miles from hong kong to cleveland mississippi, but chef wally joe not only made that journey as a child. he went on to become a maestro of southern cooking. >> recognized as one of the country's best he's now the chef's general manager and partner in the acre restaurant. we're delighted to welcome chef wally joe to the dish. good morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> what are we having. >> this is a twist on a main chinese dish that we would normally have. it's a crispy chicken that we normally order but you dip it in five spices. this is -- usually deep-fried. so it's not practical to fry a whole chicken at home so what i've done is adapted this. rubbed the whole chicken with five-spice powder. >> what is it? >> five spices. pepper corns, very flavorful. how is that? >> it's fabulous. thank you. >> what are the challenges of combining this sort of southern -- these two heritages. you have sort of the asian influence and the deep south. so how do we marry those? >> well, i'm a chinese kid that grew up in
when it snows in the deep south. and it's happening this morning. mississippi waking up to snow to the delight of millions of children through the southeast. there's more on the way. look out, virginia, and even north carolina. right now jackson, mississippi, with about an inch of snow on the ground. and the snow is beginning to rain changing to snow around tupelo. this is a shot of mississippi. so you can get an idea there. if it snows like this in mississippi, we're going to get school delays. as i mentioned, it's going to spread. we have winter storm warnings in ten different states. mostly hovered around the richmond to raleigh to asheville areas. this is where we'll see the highest totals. atlanta, you're on the south side of this, maybe a little snow on the backside. washington, d.c., same for you. you're on the northern fringe. but it's really in the north carolina/virginia areas later today into tonight. and then tomorrow morning, it will end. the rest of the country, you look just fine. no travel trouble. just cold up in minneapolis. but get ready, north carolina and vi
republicans are from hurricane regions. one from mississippi called for more help just last year for katrina relief. but opposed sandy relief, making him a target for skewering. >> many of my constituents in mississippi are still dealing with the effects of hurricane katrina. >> it's someone else's constituents in new york. instead of seven years later, it's two months later. >> reporter: that kind of talk sets off new jersey's governor chris christie. >> we sent the mayor to do the work for us. not to sit down there and play with each other. >> reporter: but republicans want specifics. we asked christie's office three times to explain their request. nearly $5 billion for housing. is that temporary housing, rebuilding homes or loans? and $700 million for what is called individual assistance. is that food, rent, actual payments or loans? christie's office has not answered any of those questions. the bill will be debated on tuesday and we expect a vote on wednesday. david kerley, abc news, the white house. >> wow. interesting stat here. gop house members last week filed 45 amendments to the un
and thunderstorms, tornado watches from mississippi and alabama all the way now in towards southwestern virginia even with some of these watch boxes that will be in effect. for us we have a threat of severe weather later on. really this afternoon and evening out west. then this evening to tonight here in the metro with the main threat being damaging wind gusts. we're all going to have to watch this line of storms which will be approaching later on. for the afternoon north and west of town, it looks to be much more under the gun. here we are at 7:00. this will be coming across us tonight. showers and storms. then the cold? we'll turn back to the snow showers in the mountains. should be another good ski weekend. 70 today. showers and storms late really after dark in the metro. tonight 47 but temperatures barely move tomorrow, 48. windy and colder. by friday some morning flurries and snow showers. only in the low 30s. we stay in the 30s this weekend. and back to 40 monday. i'm thinking phil will likely see his shadow regardless of what is going on because that seems to usually be the case. let's go
to blacken parts of the mississippi river this morning. a barge hit a bridge causing the leak earlier this week. the mississippi river, one of the vital commerce routes, shutting it down could have huge economic blows. coast guard officials e doing their best to navigate vessels traveling the rivers while they try to clean the leak. no word on how much oil has leaked into the river so far. >>> boeing is sticking with plans to keep building its 787 dreamliners even though all of the existing planes have been grounded. a company says it hopes to deliver at least 60 of the planes this year. also says it sees no reason to change the lithium ion battery which triggered the worldwide grounding. boeing insists the battery is safe. earlier this month the 787's battery caught on fire while the plane of parked in boston. a week later, smoke from a burning battery forced a plane to make an emergency landing in japan. >>> five, four, three, two, one, zero. >> just had to show you this video this morning. this is nasa's new communications satellite being launched into space. this happened late las
parts of the deep south are getting hit with snow. look at pearl, mississippi. the town's slogan is the city creating its only future but right now the immediate future is snowy. the snowstorm is stretching from the gulf all the way up to our region. here in the washington area, grey skies but it still looks dry. storm team4 meterologist tom kierein joins us with the first forecast. when's the snow coming, tom? >> it looks like later this afternoon. we've had rain persistly falling all morning long along i-95 and areas south and east of there and right in washington, points north and west and a few scattered sprinkles off and on throughout the morning hours. all of this coming from a developing area of low pressure, centered over atlanta, georgia, on the backside of that, western side, you can see all the white is snow. now pulling out of mississippi to alabama and snow farther north, eastern kentucky, southern west virginia and some snow in far eastern west virginia east of petersberg and on the virginia and west virginia line along the shenandoah valley. we may be getting to st
on these farmers an ranchers. the right now the corps of engineers is focused on the mississippi river and able to get crops. jenna: i heard some of the barges are own half full is that right? because the weight, they're worried about running aground? >> that's correct. the river is basically down to a very minimum in terms of barge traffic and as a result, the corps is working to clear up a channel for the barges that requires work to clear out rocks that have been there forever obviously. they're doing it on expedited basis. this interrupts the flow of traffic which is infortunate. fortunately we still have traffic on the mississippi. there were concerns we might not even have it at this point in time. we have to keep our fingers crosses that the water will flow down the mississippi. jenna: you think about droit and barren fields but how important the mississippi river is to commerce in country. they ended up extending the old farm bill. the question of the role of government we talk about a lot these days. i was doing interviewing and research leading up to this segment. i got two different
to the flu season in years. 47 states are reporting widespread flu activity, california, mississippi, and hawaii are the only states without a widespread flu outbreak. and this season has been deadly. at least 20 children have died, including a texas couple's teenage son. >> he was scared. he said, mom, i'm scared. i said i know, buddy, i am too. and he saw me crying. he said, mom, it's going to be okay. you're going to be okay. i love you. and that's really the last really coherent things that he said to me. >> that was the mother of 17-year-old max, he died just after christmas from the flu. before he got sick, matt was a healthy, normal teenager. and joining me now is dr. jeffrey oiler from piedmont hospital here in atlanta. doctor, it's good to have you. and this is the scenario that scares a lot of people. because you know who is typically sensitive to the flus, the young, the old, those with compromised immune systems. but this is a healthy teenager who died from the flu out of nowhere. how rare is this? >> it's fairly rare. influenza, the main complications are respiratory and
'll have a great time. especially in alabama. you mean mississippi. that's florida. say louisiana or there's no dessert. brought to you by bp and all of us who ca the gulf home. martha: we're watching a very bizarre situation. somewhere around 3:00 this morning a woman fell between a building and a cinder block wall in portland, oregon. she was there three hours before somehow discovered. perhaps the morning commute was starting, somebody might have heard her. there is a huge effort to get her out of there, wedged in about a 12 inch space we understand it. her feet are not touching the ground, according to some reports. she is literally hanging wedged between the two walls. they have opened up a section of the wall so they can see her is our understanding and she can see them which has to be huge relief for her. we're watching this rescue effort. it is, we expect that, you know, we're going to see them pull her out shortly. bill: that's right. this reporter is terrific by the way. kptv out of portland, oregon. she had a lieutenant, was it collins did she say during the commercial break. if
-mail, one from the governor of mississippi, one from a sheriff in lynn county, oregon. both saying that the white house is exploiting this opportunity to try to crack down on the second amendment and they will do what they can do both fight this and resist enforcement of any of the president's executive actions. the governor of mississippi saying he's asked his lieutenant governor and his house speaker to see what they can do to prevent any of these executive actions from taking effect in the state of mississippi. now, as gloria said, there's an organization on the democratic side to mobilize an effort against that and to spread the word and i can tell you that that will begin as soon as tomorrow. organizing for america is involved in many of the grassroots groups, but the white house can't coordinate with them. so it's sort of a defuse effort that has to take place out in the country by these groups separate from the white house. one other point i'd make, wolf, which is that we're told in terms of new moneys going to gun safety efforts, the white house is asking for some approxima
to be messy around jackson, mississippi, and birmingham, alabama, with snow, believe it or not. snow along the interstates around atlanta. heavy fog will limit visibility in seattle, salt lake city and boise. >> and if you're flying, airport delays are possible, in atlanta, charlotte and d.c. >>> and now, that bizarre story involving heisman trophy runner-up, notre dame linebacker manti te'o. he could answer questions today about a very elaborate hoax. >> that hoax all centers on te'o's girlfriend, who it turns out, never existed. details from abc's michael barr. >> reporter: manti te'o, notre dame star linebacker and now the victim of an incredible hoax. last september, he mourned the death of both his grandmother and the person he called the love of his life, girlfriend lennay ke cuewa, six hours later. he went on to lead the fighting irish to a series of victories that catapulted him to be a finalist for the heisman trophy. te'o talked openly about his double loss. >> my brother called me. and he was just crying and crying. and that's when i kind of knew. but i was still in denial. >> r
snowmen in mississippi. parts of mississippi seeing more snow than chicago. it's crazy. look at that snow. it is just about ending for jackson but moving northward into meridian, up towards oxford, mississippi, tupelo, and this will continue up towards tennessee and alabama. we could see several inches of snow before all said and done. throughout the morning we'll see icy travel unfortunately, bad time to be on the roadways. stay at home. make those southern snowmen, those southern snow angels. be safe. i'm sure the kids are loving it. heading into tonight and overnight, the mid-atlantic region, the southern appalachians you will see the biggest amount of snow totals, six to 12 inches. let's look at the travel forecast. thursday 1:00, watching snow move into alabama and tennessee. temperatures dropping as it continues to move north and eastward, seeing that snow move along the appalachians into north carolina and virginia. the temperatures will drop and the snow will start to fly. in some cases one to four, even six inches of snow. as you see as the storm exits the temperatures are going
, to the best vacation sp(all) the gulf! it doesn't matter which of our great states folks visit. mississippi, alabama, louisiana or florida, they're gonna love it. shaul, your alabama hospitality is incredible. thanks, karen. love your mississippi outdoors. i vote for your florida beaches, dawn. bill, this louisiana seafood is delicious. we're having such a great year on the gulf, we've decided to put aside our rivalry. now is the perfect time to visit anyone of our states. the beaches and waters couldn't be more beautiful. take a boat ride, go fishing or just lay in the sun. we've got coastline to explore and wildlife to photograph. and there's world class dining with our world famous seafood. so for a great vacation this year, come to the gulf. its all fabulous but i give florida the edge. right after mississippi. you mean alabama. say louisiana or there's no dessert. this invitation is brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home. >>> a quarter of the country is in a deep freeze. we don't see temperatures warm up until next week. even people in new hampshire who are used to c
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